2017 At A Glance
Our Vision, Mission and Values
About This Report
Corporate Profile
Corporate Information
Corporate Structure
How We Create and Preserve Value
Chairman’s Statement
Group Managing Director’s Management Discussion & Analysis
KL Sports City Case Study
Five-Year Group Financial Highlights
Group Quarterly Performance and Group Segmental Performance
Awards and Accolades
Our Commitment to Sustainability
Our Sustainability Goals and Governance
Economic Impact
Social Responsibility
Environmental Stewardship
Directors’ Profiles
Senior Management Profiles
Corporate Governance Overview Statement
Audit Committee Report
Executive Committee Report
Nomination and Remuneration Committee Report
Employees’ Share Option Scheme Committee Report
Long-Term Incentive Plan Committee Report
Statement on Risk Management and Internal Control
Additional Compliance Information
Material Contracts
Analysis of Shareholdings
Top 30 Largest Shareholders
Analysis of Warrant A Holdings
Top 30 Largest Warrant A Holders
Analysis of Warrant B Holdings
Top 30 Largest Warrant B Holders
Properties of the Group
Notice of Annual General Meeting
Proxy Form