Cover Page
Day or night
Go Seamless
Work Smart
Make Connections
Play Hard
Shop Chic
Living Fabulously
Get Easy
Table of Contents
Vision and Mission
Corporate Information
Transforming Education
Corporate Social Responsibility
Corporate Events 2012
Notice of 42nd Annual General Meeting
Transforming Environments
Board of Directors
Directors' Profile
Awards & Recognitions
Chairman's Statement
Group Financial Highlights
Organisation Chart
Corporate Structure
Group COOs
Property Development
Engineering & Construction
Infrastructure, Concession & Environment
Building Services
Group Support Services
Transforming Communities
Statement on Corporate Governance
Audit Committee Report
Statement on Risk Management and Internal Control
Additional Compliance Information
Material Contracts
Analysis of Shareholdings
Top 30 Largest Shareholders
Properties of the Group
Financial Report 2012
Directors' Report
Statements by Directors
Independent Auditors' Report
Statements of Comprehensive Income
Statements of Financial Position
Consolidated Statements of Changes in Equity
Company Statements of Changes in Equity
Statements of Cash Flows
Notes to the Financial Statements
Appendix I
Proxy Form